How It Works

We provide a safe and easy process for you to check and claim a tax refund. We assess whether you are eligible for a tax refund and then will file for a return with the IRD on your behalf. Continue reading below for a more detailed outline of our secure tax refund process.

Our Fees

For any Personal Tax Summary resulting in a refund a fee of $39 will be charged (for refunds above $70). This will be charged for each year that personal tax summary results in a refund. If a refund is between $10 and $30 the fee will be only $10, if between $30.01 and $70 the fee will be set at $20.

If a bank account is not supplied and therefore a cheque is issued, a charge of $5 will be made per cheque issued.

At the end of each tax year some taxpayers need to confirm the amount of personal income tax to be paid. This is done by filing an Individual income tax return (IR3). If an IR3 is required for any year (due to partial year returns, schedular payments, overseas income, etc) we have a charge of $90 for that years return.

Other Fees

Electronic verification for Drivers Licences will incur a fee of $3 (this is only charged once when you first apply - assuming you remain linked after this).

Cancellation of a cheque will incur a fee of $20 (the cost of the fee the bank charges us).

Our Process