Terms & Conditions

In order to meet our standard terms & conditions, all applicants must make the following declaration:

1. Authority to Obtain Information from the IRD

I give authority to My Tax Ltd, trading as mytaxrefund.co.nz to link my IRD number to their Agency. I give authority for My Tax Ltd to act as my tax agent for the purpose of preparation of my tax returns or checking refunds.

I understand that this gives My Tax Ltd the following authorities:

To obtain information from the IRD in regards to all my tax types and returns by the following methods – telephone, info express, internet and E Services and any other method.

To sign tax returns and/or check refunds on my behalf.

If I already have a tax agent, the process of linking with My Tax Ltd will result in me being delinked from my previous tax agent

2. Disclaimer of Liability

My Tax Ltd, trading as mytaxrefund.co.nz has not audited or reviewed the information that you have provided. We rely on the information submitted by yourself and supplied to us by the Inland Revenue Dept and confirmed by you.. Mytaxrefund.co.nz therefore does not accept responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the material from which your returns or PTS are prepared are prepared.

3. Fee Structure

I agree to the following:

For any Personal Tax Summary resulting in a refund a fee of $39 will be charged (for refunds above $70). This will be charged for each year that an individual personal tax summary results in a refund. (If a refund is between $10 and $30 the fee will be only $10, if between $30.01 and $70 the fee will be set at $20). If you are owed a refund from the previous two years, then a $39 fee will apply for each year (or priced as above for refunds lower than $70).

If a bank account is not supplied and therefore a cheque is issued, a charge of $5 will be made per cheque issued.

If an IR3 is required for any year (due to partial year returns, schedular payments, overseas income, etc) we have a charge of $90 for that years return.

For a property rental return the fee is $150 per person per property per year.

Other Fees

Electronic verification for Drivers Licences will incur a fee of $3 (this is only charged once when you first apply – assuming you remain linked after this).

Cancellation of a cheque will incur a fee of $20 (the cost of the fee the bank charges us).

A $5 unsolicited payment fee applies to any unexpected payments we receive from IRD on your behalf. It takes time and money for us to send these back so we have had to add a small fee.

If a PTS or tax return is required by the IRD and will result in a debit balance, we will inform you of your obligation to file or request this. Once you have contacted us to tell us to file or request, our fee structure of $39 per PTS submitted or $90 for a full IR3 tax return will be implemented and invoiced to you.

Should refunds due not be received by My Tax Ltd trading as mytaxrefund.co.nz I agree to compensate My Tax Ltd for all fees owed to them within 30 days of receipt of an invoice. I agree to being responsible for any and all collection costs that may result from unpaid fees.


4. Receipt and Payment of Tax Refunds

For tax refunds due to myself I authorise the following:

For My Tax Ltd, trading as mytaxrefund.co.nz to receive any refund on my behalf and deposit this into the My Tax Trust Account by adding the My Tax Trust Account to my IRD account.
For My Tax Ltd to debit the fees as agreed to above from the gross refund, and pay the net balance out to the me, the account holder. Either by direct credit or by cheque to the postal address supplied.

5. I.D. Verification of Identity

I agree that My Tax Ltd, trading as mytaxrefund.co.nz has permission to verify my identity by receiving approved photo ID or NZ Drivers Licence verification.

6. Marketing

I understand that I may receive marketing from mytaxrefund.co.nz from time to time (to the email address provided) – if I do not wish to receive this I can click on the unsubscribe button on any marketing I do receive.

7. Timing

I understand that if my fully verified application is not received prior to 20th March 2019, it may not be processed prior to 31st March 2019 and I may therefore lose the possibility of a refund for the 2014 tax year.

Privacy Act 1993

The information we obtain during this process is subject to confidentiality requirements over and above our obligations to you under the Privacy Act 1993. My Tax Ltd will not disclose that information to any other party without your consent, except as required by law. Exceptions are to verify your identity with Veda NZ or to update your records with the IRD.

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