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At My Tax Refund we promise to provide you with the best quality tax refund service at a competitive price. We work hard to put more money in your pocket.

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We're the home of the low $39 flat rate fee for PTS refunds (per year calculated)! Don't pay more than you need to, start your tax refund with today!

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*Based on one year, Personal Tax Summary refund, existing client, paid to bank account - excludes one off special offers.

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  1. We offer an easy and straight forward form and process, for applying for a tax refund.
  2. We calculate your Personal Tax Summary for all 5 years that may be available, while ensuring that you receive any rebates you may be entitled to, or claimable expenses.
  3. Our service is unique in that we only request your Personal Tax Summary when you are eligible for a refund, we do not generate a tax bill - so it’s a safe and easy way to check for a refund.
  4. If there is no refund, there is no $39 fee for a Personal Tax Summary - simple as that.

IR3 Tax Refund Fee - $90

At the end of each tax year some taxpayers need to confirm the amount of personal income tax to be paid. This is done by filing an Individual income tax return (IR3). If an IR3 is required for any year (due to partial year returns, schedular payments, overseas income, etc) we have a charge of $90 for that years return.

It is possible to go to the IRD website and attempt to process your Personal Tax Summary for free, this can be done by clicking Please make sure that you are getting all rebates that you are entitled to and that you check that the years do result in a refund - once you submit your PTS you may be liable for a tax bill if a refund is not due.

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I really appreciate your fantastic and prompt service, and your fees are exceptional. I am currently a student with alot of bills and this money really helps me out alot. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be in touch with you next year for your services.

Marlena Martin

OMG thank you so much!!  You guys have definitely put the sunshine of happiness to brighten up my terrible day!! Thank you so much for your time, and wonderful assistance with looking into this for me. I attempted to do this myself last year but got so overwhelmed with figures etc.  You guys are just brilliant....thank goodness for your service!!


Thank you, great effort in how quick you were to process my tax rebate- hugely appreciated. Thank you for your timliness and dilegence in your service. Have certainly passed on my praises of mytaxrefund to colleagues.

Lance Isbister

What wicked service!!!!!!!!!!! So prompt and with wonderful news! You really to live up to the hype of your advertsining campaign! Well done!

Emma - Christchurch $568.45

Thank you very much My Tax Refund Team, I really appreciate your prompt and efficient affordable refund service. I will indeed be recommending your website to family and friends. I look forward to receiving my cheque in the mail.

Cecilia Hellesoe