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- Max $39 fee per PTS refund

Fast Processing

- 24/7 processing - quick response

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- Calculating 2015 Refunds NOW!

Fee Based on $450 Refund*      $39

Max Fee $39  $81

Max Fee $500  $87

Max Fee $400  $120

Max Fee $500


What are you owed?

Why use MYTAXREFUND to check and process your taxes is simple to answer:

- We offer an easy and straight forward form and process, for applying for a tax refund


- We calculate your Personal Tax Summary for all 5 years that may be available, while ensuring that you receive any rebates you may be entitled to, or claimable expenses.


- Our service is unique in that we only request your Personal Tax Summary when you are eligible for a refund, we do not generate a tax bill - so a safe and easy way to check for a refund.


- If there is no refund, there is no  $39 fee for a Personal Tax Summary - simple as that.



Alternatively, you could go directly to the IRD: 

It is possible to go to the IRD website and attempt to process your  Personal Tax Summary for free, this can be done by clicking  Please make sure that you are getting all rebates that you are entitled to and that you check that the years do result in a refund - once you submit your PTS you may be liable for a tax bill if a refund is not due.





My Tax Ltd - Registered as Tax Agents with the Inland Revenue Department NZ, Independent from the IRD.


*Based on one year, Personal Tax Summary  refund, existing client, paid to bank account - excludes one off special offers.

The Facts

  • The end of the 2015 Tax year is approaching, we will be able to calculate this for you after the tax year finishes on 31st March 2015, typically early May.
  • We charge a low maximum fee of $39 for any PTS refund year (IR3's are different, they have a max. charge of $90 per year)
  • Other tax agents charge up to $500 per year
  • Pay less, get more - apply with us.

    Our Promise:

    At My Tax Refund we promise to provide you with the best quality tax refund service at a competitive price.  We work hard to put more money in your pocket. 

    Kind Regards


    Gavin Barr


    Gavin Barr, Director